Kids Corner

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Apes are Great Activities

Engage children in learning more about great apes and joining us in protecting them by utilizing the activities and resources on the Apes are Great page.


Turtle Activities

More than 50 percent of turtle species worldwide, including a species right here in Georgia, are threatened with extinction. Learning more about turtles and their conservation efforts by using this page full of activities.



Meerkat Maze  
Orangutan Connect the Dots  
Scavenger Hunt  

Lemur crossword puzzle





Snake necktie Paper Plate Panda
Animal Frames Panda Mask
A Bird in Hand Color the Pandas

Coloring Cassowary


Zoo's Clues

Families can navigate the Zoo helping Detective Clue Spotter the Otter track down hints to his latest investigation. Geared towards 8 to 12-year-olds, these fun monthly mysteries are sure to encourage days of outdoor family fun.

  Green Tips for Kids

What is a Green Team? A group of staff that meet monthly to come up with ideas to make our workplace a more environmentally sound organization.



Recommended Reading

Need a good book? Check out Zoo Atlanta's favorites!