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Zoo Atlanta celebrates its 125th birthday on March 28, 2014, commemorating the anniversary of the event that launched the birth of the city’s oldest cultural destination. Times have certainly changed since a certain traveling circus went bankrupt in March 1889! From Jimmie Walker, Grant Park’s first tiger, to the arrival of the legendary Willie B., to Jabari, the first rhino born in 2013, Zoo Atlanta has reinvented itself from a quaint picnic stop to a conservation organization seeking to engage the public in the lives of its animal ambassadors and the preservation of their wild counterparts around the world. 
“Trusting that the nucleus will, at no remote day, expand into a zoological garden which will be like all other enterprises to which Atlanta lays hold, the finest. 
I remain your obedient servant, 
G.V. Gress.” 
--George Valentine Gress to the Park Committee of the General Council of the City of Atlanta, March 1889 
We ask that that you participate in this momentous occasion with us and "Donate to Celebrate." Please consider donating $25 or $125 to Zoo Atlanta in celebration of our birthday to support our continued operations. Your contribution to Zoo Atlanta helps us in numerous ways:
A $25 donation could provide:

  • Painting supplies for the African elephants
  • Plants for animal browse

  • A uniform for a zookeeper

  • A bath pan for a toucan

  • A heat lamp for an armadillo

  • Hammocks for primates

A $125 donation could provide:

  • A wheelbarrow for various needs

  • A raised plant bed for animal enrichment

  • Three new bird of prey gloves for the wildlife show staff
  • A jungle gym for a prehensile tail porcupine

  • A puzzle feeder for a kangaroo
  • An unbreakable steel mirror for the ground hornbills
  • Training treats for the wildlife shows
  • Pellets for gorilla feeder
  • Vaccines for zebras and big cats
Donate to Celebrate
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Thank you for helping Zoo Atlanta continue to be a leader in conservation and education. Zoo Atlanta is a 501(c)(3) is a not-for-profit organization. All contributions to Zoo Atlanta are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.