Scientific Name:

Leucopsar rothschildi

Conservation Status:
Critically endangered

Where to see them:

Fun Facts:

As of 2009, numbers in the wild may be fewer than 20. There are about a thousand birds in registered zoos in Europe and North America.

A pet Bali mynah is a very expensive status symbol in Indonesia.


 Bali Mynah

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8 inches long; weight is 3 ounces

Found only in Bali Barat National Park on the island of Bali in Indonesia

Woodland and forest

These birds live in pairs or small family groups. They forage on the ground and in the forest canopy. Bali mynahs are very conspicuous birds and easily trapped for the pet bird trade in Indonesia. Although they are found in just one national park, poaching is very common due to lack of funds and political turmoil. Release programs have gone on for 20 years, but the majority of birds disappear. Trappers are usually very poor, and the sale of a Bali mynah can feed their families for a couple of months.

Insects, fruit

Life Cycle
Pairs of Bali mynahs are mature at 1 year old but may live 25 years in captivity. They make a nest in a tree cavity where they lay three to four light blue eggs. The chicks hatch after 14 days’ incubation and are fed by both parents

Some of My Neighbors (IN THE WILD)
Hornbills, lizard species and formerly the now extinct Bali tiger

Population Status & Threats
Critically endangered