There are around 5,400 known mammal species on Earth; more than 40 of these species are represented at Zoo Atlanta. All mammals have mammary glands for nursing their young, and all have hair – even if they don’t have much! With the exception of the unusual group of egg-laying mammals known as monotremes, all mammals give birth to live young.

Black-and-white-ruffed lemur Fossa Meerkat Sloth
Binturong Giant panda Muntjac Sun bear
Bongo Giraffe Naked mole rat Tanuki (raccoon dogs)
Bush dog Golden lion tamarin Otter Tiger, Sumatran
Clouded leopard Gorilla Orangutan Warthog
Drill monkey Gulf coast sheep Red panda Wolf's guenon
Duiker Kangaroo Rhinoceros Zebra
Elephant, African Kunekune pigs Ring-tailed lemur  
  Lion, African Schmidt's guenon  

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