There are around 5,400 known mammal species on Earth; more than 40 of these species are represented at Zoo Atlanta. All mammals have mammary glands for nursing their young, and all have hair – even if they don’t have much! With the exception of the unusual group of egg-laying mammals known as monotremes, all mammals give birth to live young.

African Elephant Drill Monkey Kunekune Pig Sumatran Tiger
African Lion Eastern Bongo Meerkat Sun Bear
Asian Small-clawed Otter Fossa Naked Mole Rat Tanuki (Raccoon Dog)
Black Rhinoceros Giant Otter Orangutan Western Lowland Gorilla
Black-and-white-ruffed Lemur Giant Panda Red Kangaroo Wolf's Guenon
Binturong Giraffe Red Panda Yellow-backed Duiker
Bush Dog Golden Lion Tamarin Reeve's Muntjac Zebra
Clouded Leopard Gulf Coast Sheep Ring-tailed Lemur  
Common Warthog Hoffman's Two-toed Sloth Schmidt's Guenon  

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