The Dewar Wildlife Trust

The Dewar Wildlife Trust (DWT) is a 100-acre AZA-certified exotic animal facility designed to house gorillas. DWT is located in Morganton, Ga., approximately two hours north of Atlanta in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The facility is comprised of an 8.5-acre gorilla habitat; five night buildings; medical facilities; maintenance and storage buildings; and a two-bedroom cottage for keepers or visitors.

In the past year, a new Board has been established for Dewar Wildlife Trust with the express purpose of seeking an appropriate future for the facility in a way that will benefit the zoological community. The current President and CEO of DWT has initiated a partnership with Zoo Atlanta, and over the coming months, we will continue to explore the variety of exciting opportunities provided through this partnership.

An immediate benefit will be the ability to provide housing for some of our bachelor gorillas. Zoo Atlanta holds the largest collection of gorillas in North America, and as the younger gorillas mature, it’s necessary to accommodate the complex social structures found within gorilla groups. In early 2012, two of our young adult males, Jasiri (pictured) and Willie B., Jr., will be moving to their new home in the north Georgia mountains.

Check back here for updates and more details about this unique and promising partnership.