Scientific Name: 

Panthera tigris sumatrae

Conservation Status:
Critically endangered

Where to see them:
Sumatran tiger habitat in Complex Carnivore, Asian Forest

Fun Facts:

Tigers are one of the only big cats that enjoy being in water.

Sumatran tigers are the smallest subspecies of tigers, but tigers are the world's largest cat. Adult Amur (a.k.a. Siberian) tigers can weigh well over 500 pounds.

Conserving tigers in Aceh and across Sumatra




 Sumatran Tiger

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Adult males: up to eight feet from head to tail, up to 300 pounds; adult females: up to seven feet from head to tail, around 200 pounds

The Indonesian island of Sumatra

Lowland forests, mountain forests, and peat moss forests. Sumatran tigers also venture into mountainous areas.

Sumatran tigers are solitary, generally only coming together to mate.  A male's territory may overlap several females' territories, but not other males'.

Sumatran tigers are carnivores, and prey on small animals from fish and birds, to large ungulates like wild boar, tapir, and deer.

Life Cycle
In the wild, life expectancy is about 12 years; up to 20 years in zoos. Mating may occur at any time, but is most common between November and April.  Gestation is approximately 110 days.  Litters consist of one to five helpless cubs weighing just over 2 pounds. The cubs stay with their mother for about two years, then begin to establish their own territories. Sexual maturity is reached at 3-4 years for females, and 4- 5 years for males.

Some of My Neighbors (IN THE WILD)
Orangutans, wild boar, tapir, Sumatran rhino, Sumatran Elephant

Population Status & Threats
Listed as critically endangered by the IUCN; there are fewer than 400 individuals in the wild.  Habitat loss due to human activities, as well as poaching, is intensifying this crisis.

Zoo Atlanta Conservation Efforts
Zoo Atlanta's Sumatran Tigers are part of the AZA Species Survival Plan (SSP). Through the SSP, we are able to help ensure  that the captive population of Sumatran tigers is as genetically varied and healthy as possible.