Golden lion tamarins from Zoo Atlanta debut on Animal Planet L!VE
Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Robin, Theo and their growing family are the subjects of a new live webcam 
ATLANTA – August 7, 2013 – What happens in a family where babies can arrive twice in a calendar year, Mom and Dad juggle the duties of parenting, a slew of older siblings all want to be part of the action, and no one weighs more than a pound and a half? Viewers around the world can observe life in a typical golden lion tamarin family now that Robin, Theo and their brood are the focus of the newest live cam on Animal Planet L!VE, a new breed of ambient entertainment from Discovery Communications featuring 24-7 access to the surprisingly human animal kingdom. 
Launching on August 7, 2013, the live feed, available at APL.TV, will introduce online audiences to the fascinating behaviors of the tiny South American primates as they feed, groom, and manage relationships among family members, including Robin’s 11-day-old infant, born on July 27, 2013. Golden lion tamarins live in monogamous family groups, and everyone helps to raise the offspring. 
Golden Lion Tamarin Cam rounds out the 20 live cams available across screens of all sizes, including Samsung SmartTVs, through Animal Planet L!VE. The new digital destination launched in April of this year and provides live and unfiltered access to cute and intriguing species – from adoptable kittens to swimming sharks. 
Golden lion tamarins are an endangered species endemic to Brazil’s Atlantic Coastal forest, where only 7 percent of their forest habitat remains. Zoo Atlanta has played an active role in the conservation of golden lion tamarins in Brazil through reintroductions and program support. Zoo Atlanta also manages the international captive breeding program and studbook for this species.
Zoo Atlanta animal care professionals will be participating in biweekly live chats to add fun facts and context to the family’s activities; stay tuned for more information on the chat schedule. View the golden lion tamarin cam on Animal Planet LIVE here: