Art Gone Wild Paint Out Week!
Every Day from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM from June 2nd, 2014 until June 6th, 2014

There’s an exciting new species being featured at Zoo Atlanta the week of June 2 – 6: the Art Gone Wild Artist! During the week, 37 artists will be creating Zoo-inspired art en plein air (out in the open air). We’ve heard that this species of artist favors the morning hours, but can also be seen outside in the afternoons. They will be painting and creating art throughout the Zoo. The Zoo is brimming with inspiration not only in our impressive animals, but also in our gorgeous horticulture, rides, exhibitry and scenery. 
Watch the artists take their canvasses from blank to beautiful, but remember they will be hard at work! Please refrain from asking questions or disrupting their creative process. See the full list of participating artists (PDF).
See the finished work at the Art Gone Wild Art Show on June 14.