Golden lion tamarins born at Zoo Atlanta
Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Three born to Robin on July 27, but two did not survive 
Robin, an 8-year-old golden lion tamarin, gave birth to three infants on July 27, 2013, but two did not survive. Although Robin and her mate, Theo, are experienced parents, Robin’s latest pregnancy was unplanned. 
Infant mortality is not uncommon in golden lion tamarins, which weigh only around 2 ounces at birth. Robin’s remaining infant appears to be thriving, according to the Animal Management and Veterinary Teams, who continue to monitor the family closely. Although triplets are not rare, golden lion tamarins typically give birth to twins. They live in monogamous family groups, and everyone helps to raise the offspring. 
Golden lion tamarins are an endangered species endemic to Brazil’s Atlantic Coastal forest where only 7 percent of their forest habitat remains. Zoo Atlanta has played an active role in the conservation of golden lion tamarins in Brazil through reintroductions and program support. Zoo Atlanta also manages the international captive breeding program and studbook for this species. 
The newborn is the ninth surviving offspring for Robin and Theo. Stay tuned for updates, and visit soon for a glimpse of the tiny new arrival.