What’s a lesser kudu?
Monday, December 17, 2012

Find out when Sherlock and Watson debut at Zoo Atlanta 
Welcome Sherlock and Watson, two young male lesser kudus, to the Zoo Atlanta family. Sherlock and Watson are the first ambassadors for their species ever to be represented at the Zoo. 
Both are a year old and hail from San Diego Zoo Global. Once they’re introduced to their new surroundings, Sherlock and Watson will have a chance to get to know their neighbors in the African Plains exhibit, which is home to giraffes, zebras and ostrich.  
These east African antelopes are smaller than their massive relatives the greater kudus, but the term “lesser” shouldn’t imply a less striking impression. Males sport distinctive horns which can grow to 28 inches and may feature up to three twists. At 88 pounds and 112 pounds respectively, Sherlock and Watson are still growing their horns and their bulk; both will someday weigh up to 200 pounds. 
Lesser kudus are not yet classified as endangered, but populations are declining as a result of habitat loss and hunting for their horns, which are used as symbols of virility in some traditional rituals. 
“We’re delighted to welcome a new species to the Zoo and to Atlanta. Lesser kudus are a species with an important conservation story to tell,” said Raymond King, President and CEO. “We hope that having the chance to get to know Sherlock and Watson will help give our guests a personal stake in the many conservation stories now being played out in wild places around the world.”