Update on 10-week-old lion cubs
Friday, January 31, 2014

Three adorable brothers and their sister may make their first appearance on Monday, January 20 
The 10-week-old African lion cubs at Zoo Atlanta are healthy, busy and getting ready to meet Members and guests, and lucky guests may enjoy their first sightings as they continue exploring their outdoor habitat.
Born to Kiki on November 19, 2013, the cubs received routine vaccinations during their veterinary exam on January 13, and they each weighed in at around 19 pounds. Their father, Kamau, who had been separated from the family since the cubs’ birth, has now had opportunities to interact with his new sons and daughter; Kamau proved to be a patient, gentle father to Kiki’s first litter, three males born in 2008. 
Look for possible sightings of the cubs exploring their African Plains habitat, provided temperatures are 50 degrees and there are sunny conditions. Stay tuned for more updates.