And Dad makes a pride!
Tuesday, February 18, 2014

African lion cubs may now be seen on exhibit with both parents 
The humans aren’t the only ones drawn outside by this week’s unseasonably warm weather. The spring-like temperatures are also a bonus for Zoo Atlanta’s African lions, now exploring their exhibit as a pride for the first time since the births of four new cubs on November 19, 2013.  
Lioness Kiki, 10, and her brood have recently begun making appearances in the company of the cubs’ father, 9-year-old Kamau, who was separated from Kiki and the cubs for the birth and for the first few weeks of the cubs’ lives. He has been spending time with Kiki and the cubs indoors for the last few weeks in preparation for being on exhibit as a family. This litter is the second for Kiki and Kamau. 
Now each weighing upwards of 20 pounds, the active, playful cubs present a healthy challenge for their mother, who keeps a close eye on the antics of her daughter and three sons. Watch for sightings of the reunited pride this week; visit the special offers page for tickets and information.