Shirley the Warthog is Expecting
Friday, February 21, 2014

Experienced mom will soon welcome one of the Zoo’s most reliable signs of spring
Shirley, a 7-year-old warthog, is expecting a litter of piglets. The Animal Management and Veterinary Teams confirmed her pregnancy via ultrasound in February 2014, estimating a birth window of late February to April. 
The litter will be the fifth for Shirley and 7-year-old male Vern. Shirley is an experienced mother, and Vern has proven to be an interested and attentive father, despite the fact that wild male warthogs have no involvement in the rearing of their offspring. 
Found throughout the savanna of eastern sub-Saharan Africa, warthogs are not currently classified as endangered. Warthog gestation is usually five to six months, with females producing an average of three to five piglets per litter.
Stay tuned for updates on Shirley’s pregnancy.