Sloths from Zoo Atlanta debut on Animal Planet L!VE
Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cocoa, Bonnie and Okra will introduce viewers to life in slow motion on an all-new webcam 
ATLANTA – October 29, 2013 –  What’s life like for a guy who’s on a schedule so unhurried that algae can grow on his fur? Viewers are invited to peek inside the life of slo-mo star Cocoa the Hoffman’s two-toed sloth and his lady friends, Bonnie and Okra, as they work out the daily details of life through Animal Planet L!VE’s newest 24/7 cam. 
Launched today, Sloth Cam will bring viewers a glimpse of the behaviors of the arboreal mammals as they feed, navigate their habitat, and manage social relationships. In zoological settings such as theirs, a male sloth will often express preference for a particular female – in Cocoa’s case, Okra – who in turn enjoys elevated status. 
“We’ve noticed that people really seem to have an affinity for sloths, and we have a great opportunity to show everyone that there are so many reasons to be fascinated by their behavior and adaptations. They’re more than just cute faces,” said Jennifer Mickelberg, PhD, Zoo Atlanta’s Curator of Primates, who also oversees the Zoo’s sloth collection. “They’re amazing animals, and we expect them to be great additions to the offerings on Animal Planet L!VE.” 
The cam focused on Cocoa, Okra and Bonnie will offer viewers a look at a lifestyle that is vastly different from the fast-paced behaviors of the Zoo’s golden lion tamarins, who made their debut on Animal Planet L!VE’s Tamarin Cam in August 2013. Golden lion tamarins Robin, Theo and their brood have already been watched by more than 100,000 viewers since the cam launched. Sloth Cam, available at, is the latest addition to the Animal Planet L!VE lineup that features more than 20 addictive live animal cams available on desktop and mobile devices at and on select Samsung Smart TVs. Additionally, beginning on Saturday, November 9 at 11 a.m. ET, Animal Planet’s eight-part series, Meet the Sloths, takes viewers behind the scenes of a sanctuary with more than 150 sloths to witness every charming second of their daily sloth soap opera. 
Sloths are accustomed to a slow pace of life, but that definitely isn’t the case in this sanctuary where delightful dramas unfold including adolescent pranks, sloth love triangles and young heartbreak. While they misbehave and overdramatize, these mammals are going to capture your hearts and enslave you to your TV screens. Whether it’s swimming lessons, jungle-gym play or grooming time, every single second of this series is cheeky with charm.
Native to Central and South America, Hoffman’s two-toed sloths are not yet classified as endangered, but they face threats as a result of habitat destruction and human encroachment. Zoo Atlanta Primate Keeper Lynn Yakubinis chairs the Species Survival Plan (SSP) programs for Hoffman’s two-toed sloths and Linne’s two-toed sloths and manages the studbooks for both species. 
Zoo Atlanta animal care professionals will be participating in biweekly live chats to add context and educational facts to the sloth trio’s activities. Stay tuned for more information on the chat schedule, and tune in to to view the cam.