Soren the barn owl has been found
Monday, August 18, 2014

Wildlife Theater bird is back at Zoo Atlanta 
Soren, the barn owl who flew away from his trainers during a flight demonstration on August 10, 2014, has been returned to Zoo Atlanta. 
During the evening of Friday, August 15, members of the Zoo’s Bird Team responded to a call about a sighting about one-half mile from the Zoo. The bird, who was positively identified as Soren due to the leather bands he was wearing on his legs, was found on a neighbor’s porch on Farrington Avenue. 
The Animal Management and Veterinary Teams conducted a full-body exam for Soren on his return to the Zoo, and he showed no signs of physical injury. According to James Ballance, the Zoo’s Curator of Birds, Soren had lost weight, appeared to be hungry, and showed signs of dehydration, but staff is optimistic that he will recover normally.
Stay tuned for updates.