Zoo Atlanta Welcomes Three New Giraffes
Thursday, March 13, 2014

Newcomers Etana, Isooba and Zuberi and buddy Abu have formed a new herd
Wonder no longer about the identity of the three tall, handsome strangers in the African Plains habitat at Zoo Atlanta. Giraffe newcomers Etana, Isooba and Zuberi have joined the Zoo’s resident male, Abu, to form a dynamic new all-male herd.
Etana, whose name means “strong,” and Isooba, whose name means “walks slowly,” are both 2 years old. Zuberi, whose name means “powerful,” is 3. New to Zoo Atlanta from the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, the young males arrived in late 2013 and have since spent time getting to know Abu, 8. The new herd made its debut on exhibit on February 17.
Now that they’ve found a friend in Abu, Etana, Isooba and Zuberi will begin gradual introductions to their other animal neighbors: ostriches, lesser kudus and zebras. According to the Animal Management Team, the new giraffes appear to be curious about their surroundings, interested in people and certain to make many more new friends when giraffe feeding reopens on Twiga Terrace in April. Abu’s former mate, adult female Glenda, has moved to Riverbanks Zoo, where she has joined a new herd of her own. Glenda is the mother of Zuri, the first giraffe calf born at Zoo Atlanta; Zuri also now resides at another zoo.
Stay tuned for updates on Etana, Isooba and Zuberi and the spring opening of giraffe feeding.