College Programs

The Zoo now offers multiple program offerings to supplement the college curriculum at a reduced rate. College groups of 10 or more can select a Self-Guided Field Trip, a Self-Guided Field Trip & Lecture or the Student Day Pass 
Self-Guided Field Trip
Book a Self-Guided Field Trip today at Zoo Atlanta’s best group rate. This option is ideal for college groups that plan to enter the gate and pay together as a group upon arrival.

Dates: daily year-round; Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday are less crowded.
Time/duration: Zoo hours; allow 2-3 hours to see most exhibits.
Reservations: must be made prior to the date of the visit.
Fee: $9 per participant
  • Minimum group size is 10.
  • One group leader per every 10 students is required and admitted for FREE.
  • To reserve tax-free, submit a tax exempt form at the time of your reservation.
  • Payment is collected at any admission window upon arrival.

Self-Guided Field Trip & Lecture
Upgrade your Self-Guided Field Trip to include a lecture by one of our esteemed staff by calling 404.624.5822. Lectures are $25 per person, which includes admission to the Zoo. Payment is required at the time of registration. Minimum group size is 10. Subject to availability.

Popular lectures include:

  • The Scope and Scale of Global Amphibian Extinction, Dr. Joe Mendelson
    Dr. Mendelson chronicles his experience working with amphibians throughout North, Central and South America and discusses the chytrid fungus and its devastating impact on frog populations. His presentation demonstrates the extent of recent amphibian declines and extinctions and their primary causes. He will give specific attention to what this phenomenon means in terms of global ecosystem functioning, as well as new precedents set forth in conservation and research.

Student Day Pass
Need an option for your class to complete projects and research, but require greater flexibility in scheduling? Then the Student Day Pass is for you! We will email you a unique coupon to provide your students that allows them to arrive and pay individually at the front gate. Minimum group size is 10.

Dates: available daily year-round; we suggest Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to avoid crowds.
Time/duration: regular Zoo hours; allow 2-3 hours to see most exhibits.
Fee: Students present a unique coupon received from Zoo Atlanta to pay $9 individually at the front gate.
Age requirement: Students must be at least 18 years old to participate.
Call 404.624.5822 with questions or email 

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