Zoo Atlanta welcomes HomeSchoolers; check out the various programs we offer just for you.


HomeSchool Field Trip Days

Time/duration: Zoo hours; allow 2-3 hours to see most exhibits
Reservations: Advance reservation only required for groups of 10 or more (students and parents/chaperones)
Fee: $9 per participant, plus tax

  • To reserve tax-free, submit a tax exemption form at the time of your reservation
  • One chaperone per every 10 students is admitted for FREE (required for groups of 10 or more) 
  • Additional chaperones pay the same rate as student participants 
  • Payment is collected at any admission window upon arrival 
  • The Zoo will be open to the general public and other school groups on HomeSchool Days
  • If you are a Zoo Atlanta Member, you do not need a reservation and may use your membership for FREE admission on HomeSchool Field Trip Days. Please note that only the individuals on your Membership will be admitted for free; non-members pay $9 admission fee
  • For groups of 10 of more, Zoo Atlanta members are not counted toward group size

Home School Field Trips - the first Tuesday of every month:

  • No minimum group size required
  • Groups under 10 participants - register at any admission window upon arrival for HomeSchool Field Trip Days; groups over 10 MUST use the registration link below.

HomeSchool Field Trips Groups:

  • Available any day
  • Minimum group size of 10 required (students and adults/chaperones)

HomeSchool Academy
Join Zoo Atlanta for an afternoon of learning and discovery designed specifically for homeschool students! HomeSchool Academy is a unique program that allows students to explore animal and science concepts in a fun, interactive environment. Programs are grade-appropriate and include games, activities, Zoo tours and animal encounters. HomeSchool Academy runs monthly on specific days from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., September through May.

Learn more about HomeSchool Academy with these Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

Registration Information

  • Semesters run from September to December and January to May
  • Classes fill quickly! Register online early!
  • Reservations and payment required in advance of programs
Homeschool Academy cost per person; per class
Member $16


Dates & Topics for 2013-2014 school year

Grades Description Dates and Topics

Animals in Action
From runners to swimmers, animals have many ways of moving. Discover all the different ways tht animals get around, and investigate the many adaptations that allow animals to move in different ways.

May 14: Swimmers
3-5 Where in the World is...
Get out your maps because it's time to be a globetrotter. Explore diverse places on the planet while uncovering clues about animals, habitats and foreign countries. Use these clues to determine each month's mystery animal. Learn all about these animals to tell us where in the world they are.

May 14: The People of the Forest  
6-8 Invertebrate Anatomy
Dive into the diverse world of invertebrates, or animals without backbones. Investigate the structures and functions of the various organs that make up these fascinating animals. Compare the different invertebrates and see how they are similar to and different from the animals with backbones. Please note: Each class will include the dissection of an invertebrate.

May 14: Insects
9-12 Vertebrate Anatomy
Explore the different bones and organs that are characteristic of various vertebrates. Investigate how the body systems look and function in different types of animals. End the semester with a frog dissection to see how the various systems interact together. Please note: The May 14 class will include the dissection of a frog.

May 14: Review of Systems


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