Celebrating Primates

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We’re all in primate-hood together, and in 2013, we celebrate the breadth, diversity and legacy of the many non-human primates in the Zoo Atlanta family.
A year for legacies 
In May, we mark the 25th anniversary of the day the legendary late Willie B. took his first steps into a naturalistic habitat in the world-class Ford African Rain Forest. Still a household name more than 12 years after his death, Willie B. left an enduring legacy – a legacy that includes more than the births of his children and grandchildren. 
The once-solitary gorilla became a catalyst for permanent change, laying building blocks for what would someday become a nationally-renowned center for excellence for the care and study of great apes and other primates. 
Meet our collection 
Get to know the many non-human primates who call Zoo Atlanta home.
Great Apes Old World Monkeys
Gorilla Orangutan Drill monkey Schmidt's guenon Wolf's guenon Colobus monkey
New World Monkeys Prosimians    
Golden lion tamarin Geoffroy’s tamarin Black-and-white-
ruffed lemur
Ring-tailed lemur    
Celebrating primates 
Throughout 2013, we’ll keep primates at the forefront of the public eye with special themed programming for Members and guests of all ages. Stay tuned for more updates on primate-themed activities planned for this year! 
Our programs are in full swing
From primate-themed field trips to NightCrawlers, explore our program pages and look out for the Celebrating Primates logo for ape-themed activities. We are also introducing our first primate Wild Encounter! Meet and feed lemurs, which make the island of Madagascar one of Earth’s richest and most dynamic natural ecosystems.

The Zoo also offers special FREE activities. Check the back of your map for the details.

Celebrating Primates YouTube Playlist