Sun Bear Conservation in Sumatra

Where: Sumatra
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This project seeks to gather information on sun bear population trends, habitat requirements and associated threats before the species becomes critically endangered. This information will be used to develop scientifically sound and pragmatic recommendations for regional conservation plans that incorporate cultural, socioeconomic and political factors across the bears’ range.

Funding from Zoo Atlanta is used to staff field survey personnel and to purchase equipment such as camera traps.

Zoo Atlanta and partners: Fauna and Flora International and Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology

Time is running out for sun bears, which are the smallest and least studied of the world’s bears. They are listed by the IUCN as vulnerable and as the bear species with highest conservation priority, but almost nothing is known about them. The species lives in Southeast Asia, where the destruction of wildlife and wild places happens every day. Based on the decline of sun bear habitat in Southeast Asia, the number of sun bears remaining in the wild is believed to be below 25 percent of the original population.