Protecting Alligator Lizards - Project Abronia

Where: Guatemala
Continue Zoo Atlanta's efforts to support this critical conservation project.

Zoo Atlanta partners with Zootropic on a new project to protect alligator lizards (Abronia campbelli) called Project Abronia. The program is modeled after Project Heloderma, another successful partnership between Zoo Atlanta and Zootropic that works to save Guatemalan beaded lizards.

In east central Guatemala, members of Zootropic recently rediscovered alligator lizards, which were previously believed to have gone extinct. Because of their recent rediscovery, very little is known about the lizards’ population size, distribution or natural history. Project Abronia seeks to educate local people about alligator lizards while tracking the movements of wild lizards in an effort to influence informed decisions on the restoration of their habitat.

Zoo Atlanta and Zootropic

Available habitat for alligator lizards is very limited, and the restoration of degraded habitat and preservation of existing land are crucial to protecting this species, as is public education. Alligator lizards have a bad reputation among local villagers, who believe this arboreal species to be venomous and capable of stinging with its tail.