Conserving tigers in Aceh and across Sumatra

Where: Sumatra

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This project takes place in the Aceh Forest of Sumatra. This is one of the largest continuous tiger habitats in the world, but the area is earmarked for road construction. Tiger detection and threat surveys are being conducted using camera traps to provide data on this area as a wildlife corridor, with the hope that this information will convince policymakers to preserve this habitat.

Funding from Zoo Atlanta is used to staff field survey personnel and to purchase equipment such as camera traps.

Zoo Atlanta and partners: Fauna and Flora International (lead organization); U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Wildlife Conservation Society; World Wildlife Fund; Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology; Zoological Society of London

Wild tigers are in trouble throughout their range, and 41 percent of tiger habitat has been lost in the last 10 years. Sumatran tigers are critically endangered, with fewer than 400 believed to remain in the wild. This breathtakingly beautiful species is in serious danger of extinction because of habitat loss and poaching. Zoo Atlanta has housed and bred Sumatran tigers for 20 years; now, we are proud to also be helping to save this species in the wild.