Recycling for Elephants

Did you know we are losing 96 elephants a day to illegal ivory poaching?
Did you know that the United States is the second largest importer of illegal ivory?

Interested in getting your students actively involved in saving elephants and learning about conservation? These intelligent animals are in trouble, and we can help save them through the Recycling for Elephants program!

Join Zoo Atlanta and the 96 Elephants Campaign to start recycling to save elephants! This program allows students to have a direct impact in saving elephants by collecting and sending in electronics to be recycled with the Cartridges for Kids program. By collecting these items we are able to raise funds to support the 96 Elephants Campaign. This helps the environment by recycling and elephants by donating funds.

Please find the list of accepted items here.

Whether you’re a school, business, troop or any other kind of group, you can start collecting and saving elephants! If saving elephants isn’t enough, your group will also receive great rewards when you reach each level below.

Partner Levels:
Awards will be given at time of collection. Please allow time for processing of the shipment.

  • 250 items: Matriarch – a free elephant conservation lesson by a Zoo Atlanta educator (details below)
  • 150 items: Ranger Level – a painting by one of the Zoo’s elephants, Tara and Kelly!
  • 50 items: Conservation Crusader - your group listed on this webpage

Matriarch Level:
Your school will receive a free in-person or Google+ Hangout on Air elephant conservation lesson.*

*Please note that the education representative can travel up to 40 miles from Zoo Atlanta and can give up to one 45-minute talk to one large group of up to 250 kids, or two separate 20-minute talks to smaller groups if needed.

How to join the Recycling for Elephants program:

  1. Spread the word throughout your organization 
  2. Collect the items to be recycled
  3. Call/email CFK for free shipping label and mail them in!
  4. Enclose this form with shipment so your group is partnered with Zoo Atlanta

For more information on the 96 Elephants Campaign click here