The Mabel Dorn Reeder Conservation Endowment Fund

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Zoo Atlanta makes a global impact on conservation through the Mabel Dorn Reeder Conservation Endowment Fund.

The Mabel Dorn Reeder Conservation Endowment Fund supports direct action for endangered species inside and outside the scope of our Centers of Excellence. We partner with other established conservation organizations on field projects for wild animals in their native habitats, where our help is needed the most. 

Our goals:

  • Make a meaningful impact on reversing species declines by leveraging the resources of our donors, staff and animal ambassadors represented in our collection
  • Build Zoo Atlanta’s leadership and relevance as a conservation leader, both locally and globally.
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Zoo Atlanta is a 501(c)(3) is a not-for-profit organization. All contributions to Zoo Atlanta are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Read more on projects it funds:

Chilean Flamingo Banding Project
Conserving tigers in Aceh and across Sumatra
Diamondback Terrapin Head-Start Project
Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Program
Health Assessment of Green Sea Turtles
Indigo Snake Head-Start Project
Sun Bear Conservation in Sumatra

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Other projects include:

  • Ape TAG Conservation Initiative: orangutans, siamangs, gibbons, bonobos, gorillas, chimpanzees
  • Drill monkey reintroduction project, Afi Mountain, Nigeria
  • IRF Lowveld rhino project
  • Medical supplies to Nyaru Menteng orangutan reintroduction project
  • Movement, population distribution and social dynamics of African elephants in Kunene & Omusati regions of Namibia
  • Rhino & Grevy’s zebra conservation