FrogWatch USA

What is FrogWatch USATM?
FrogWatch USATM is a long-term citizen--science data collection program to monitoring frogs and toads. 
It is a volunteer-based monitoring program that gives residents across the nation an opportunity to be directly involved in collecting information that will help lead to practical and workable ways to stop amphibian declines. 

Why Should I Join?
Frogs and toads are an important part of local biodiversity. They are a wonderful example of an indicator species because they are vulnerable to small changes in the atmosphere, the land or the water. Worldwide, many wetland species are declining in number, and monitoring the changes in their populations helps us understand what is happening in their environment!
Conserving biodiversity is essential to the health of the planet, the animals that live in it and the welfare of humankind.  
With your help, you will be aiding scientists in tracking differences in frog and toad range and distribution, along with helping to monitor their population trends. It is a fun family or community activity that helps to protect wetland habitats and all of the species that live in them!
How Can You Join a FrogWatch USATM Chapter?
You do not have to be a frog or toad expert to become a FrogWatch USATM volunteer. All that you need is to have an interest in frogs and toads, with a willingness to participate in one volunteer training session in person or online and a commitment to monitor a site of your choosing, at least three times throughout the breeding season.

Zoo Atlanta’s FrogWatch USA Training will take place at The Blue Heron Nature Preserve on February 23, 2017 from 6pm-9pm.

Advance registration is required. There will be a capacity of 20 people. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

If you cannot join Zoo Atlanta’s FrogWatch Chapter, you can click here to find a training session near you. You may also take an online training session here.

Zoo Atlanta FrogWatch Chapter Contact:

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