Grant Writing Made Easy

Jennifer Gates is a third grade teacher in Cobb County. As a certified teacher leader, she supports Georgia teachers with professional development and grant applications; e-mail her at

“We had an amazing time! We couldn’t have done it without the grant.” – 2nd grade teacher, Marietta
“It was just fantastic; the grant allowed us to see five free stage performances that our students would never have had access to without the support.” – 3rd grade teacher, Atlanta
“It’s been great – I’ve been able to plant a classroom garden, get the supplies we need to maintain it, and the best part is the students are able to learn firsthand how a garden works and to keep it growing.” – 4th grade teacher, Paulding County
These teachers all have one thing in common: a love of what grants can do for education. Writing a successful application is easy and effective, with only a small investment of time and research. I’m a third grade teacher and have taken my students on outings ranging from field trips, shows and museums to funded inquiry-based classroom learning. I’ve deepened my interests locally, as well as at some of the country’s best professional development opportunities. All of this because I’m a big fan of grants!
Tips to get started:
  • Anyone can do it - grant applications are easy and take as much time as you can commit.
  • A little research goes a long way - invest in finding the best match for your classroom or school needs.
  • There’s a grant for just about any classroom need - supplies, money, materials, and trips!
  • Creativity counts - organizations love hearing your ideas for hands-on learning and want to help you make students’ dreams come true.
  • Seek input - If you are looking to fund field trips, such as a visit to the Zoo, ask the organization for input on your grant. Groups design their grants around learning and want to help kids learn about our world firsthand!
  • Grants can help teachers - funding for professional learning is available and helps you to maintain cutting-edge skills in fiscally challenging times.
  • It’s a ready-made network - contacts and supporters can be found in all of the organizations and businesses. An application may lead to more than one opportunity for support.
Yes, KESS: Know your source; Embrace the rules; Specify what you need; Sell yourself and your school. Talk about keeping it simple! The internet, professional organizations, and PTA are the best places to start. All offer grants, project support and funding for field trips. When you’re applying, read the fine print carefully and always meet the deadline. Some groups also like to see how their money benefits students; photos, letters or a follow-up e-mail help secure future support or fulfill grant obligations. Who doesn’t want to share their success and excitement over a memorable field trip, new garden or learning visit?
Ready to get your grant on?
Try these links for organizations ready to grant you the learning experience you want.

So, what are you waiting for?!
Grants can bring the world to your students and your students to a rich learning experience outside of the classroom. Finding the financial support you need is easy, fun and satisfying. Join the many teachers, like me, enjoying the benefits of generous organizations looking to support our students’ success. Start today and join the thousands of Georgia teachers getting their grant on!