ZooMobile Outreach


Let the Zoo come to YOU! A trained educator presents an exciting program using three live animals, biofacts like bones and fun activities to your students. This popular program gives your students a connection to animals and conservation without ever leaving the classroom! To find out if this program is right for you, please review the Program Packet and GPS information prior to registering.

Our ZooMobile outreach program is a great fit for science nights, open house events, career day, senior centers, fairs, festivals, hospitals and daycare centers. Some restrictions apply: call 404.624.5822 to find out more!

Dates: Daily, year-round
Time/duration: select a start time from 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.; sessions last 45 minutes
Reservations/payment: must be made at least 5 weeks in advance

  • Program must be in a quiet, temperature-controlled location within a 65 mile radius of Zoo Atlanta.
  • Sessions must be at same location on same day to receive the multiple-session price.
  • Maximum of 60 participants per session
  • We will bring three of our program animals. 
  • All programs come with grade-specific activities to use at the Zoo and before and after your visit.

​Zoo Atlanta offers many exciting programs on and off grounds that use a special collection of education animals. These animals include: 

Reptiles & amphibians Mammals Invertebrates
box turtle
three-banded armadillo
Madagascar hissing cockroach 
These animals have been specifically selected as education program animals because of their mobility, tractability and their relevance to Zoo programs. We will bring 3 animals on our visit. When booking programs, you are welcome to make special requests; however, requests cannot be guaranteed.




One session


Two sessions
Three sessions

Call 404.624.5822 with questions or email

Career Day Talk (hourly ZooMobile, no animal encounter included)
Running a zoo is a big job that requires the hard work and expertise of many different people. There are those who work in marketing, research, education, guest services, exhibit design, animal nutrition and of course, zookeepers and veterinarians. Presentations cover job descriptions, responsibilities and educational requirements for zoo employees.

  • Dates: Daily, year-round
  • Time/duration: select a start time from 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.; Sessions last 60 minutes
  • Reservations/payment: must be made at least 5 weeks in advance

Career Day Talk ZooMobile

One hour


Additional hour (up to 5 hours available) $10

All Groups
Animal Encounter
ALL grades and groups
Features 3 live animals.
Career Day Animal Encounter
ALL grades and groups
Students discuss various careers necessary to run a zoo. The program includes examining biofacts in a lively presentation featuring 3 live animals.

School Groups

Wild Features
Students compare the body parts of animals and humans and discover how we use senses just like animals.
On the Move
Do they hop, slither, run, climb, fly or swim? Students investigate how animals use different parts of their bodies to move in a variety of ways and speeds.
Beastly Basics
2nd grade
Explore animal characteristics and learn how animals meet their basic needs and care for their young. Students will also see how they can help protect these wild and wonderful animals.
Georgia Goes Wild
3rd-4th grade
Students become immersed in the similarities and differences between mammals and reptiles from Georgia and around the world. They will also learn how to be respectful of animals at home and in the wild.
What Vertebrate am I?
5th grade
What makes a mammal a mammal? Students learn the features used to classify vertebrates and practice classification.
Creature Connections
6th-8th grade
Students discuss the delicate balance of species in the food web by examining animal skulls and learning about predator and prey relationships.
Endangered Species
9th-12th grade
Why are many animals endangered, and what can students do to help prevent extinction? Students will see confiscated animal products, have an opportunity to see live animals, and discuss their population status.

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