Brew at the Zoo Entertainment

Moby Dick 
Moby Dick is the greatest party cover band in the southeast! Hits from every era, every genre! These guys have come together with a set list that SCREAMS party!  
Main stage opener
Secondhand Swagger
Secondhand Swagger is more than a name; it's a lifestyle. They're an Atlanta-based band with a passion for vintage sounds and style, disciples of soul music from the 1960s and 70's. Their mission is to keep this music alive and people dancing, taking it back to a time when lyrics and melodies came from the heart with a wink and a laugh.
Uniting humanity with melody every single time, the Eclectic Roots Ensemble (E.R.E) has made it a point to play only positive roots rock music with solid rhythms for dancing feet and melodies and lyrics orchestrated to reach out and teach.  
African Plains Stage
The Lives of the Monster Dogs sound like late nights and cigarettes, honky-tonks and back rooms... secrets and tall tales. Drawing from the deep well of blues and country music tradition of the south, "The Monster Dogs" bring rock music back with powerful vocals and simple truths; both in the plaintive guitar hooks and drive of the drums. 
African Rainforest Stage
GibbsCash is the acoustic-pop duo that has been delighting Atlanta music lovers. The pair, consisting of Sydney Cash on lead vocals and J.D. Gibbs on guitar and vocals, create a sound that is as sweet as Colbie Caillat, as soulful as John Mayer and as classic as The Beatles. With their eclectic blend of original material and time-honored covers Sydney and J.D. have built an extremely dedicated and diverse fan base.
Flamingo Plaza Stage
The Hey Byes
The Hey-Byes are a rock duo that performs songs for all crowds and ages. They have a diverse song selection, along with a few intriguing originals to lighten up the mood.

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