Recycle Your Old Cell Phones for Gorilla Conservation

Items that these funds provide for Dian Fossey trackers and anti-poaching patrols include:
  • $29 pullover fleece
  • $40 for 1 uniform for field staff person
  • $50 for 1/week of food for 1 anti-poaching patrol
  • $94 for a pair of rain trousers
  • $141.60 for a heavy-duty rain jacket
  • $283.20 for 1 patrolling tent
  • $487.50 for 1 radio and license
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Zoo Atlanta and The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International are working together with Eco-Cell to recycle cell phones, help the environment and raise money for gorilla conservation.

ANY kind of cell phone will be accepted – even the big, heavy ones from 10 years ago that wouldn’t come close to fitting in your pocket now. For each cell phone received, a donation will be made to The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, Zoo Atlanta’s partner for gorilla conservation.

The full list of accepted items

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Three easy ways to donate:

Mail items to Eco-cell Free shipping*

Request a FREE shipping label >

Attach this flyer to your collection box (PDF)

Enclose this or a note in the shipment so the funds appropriate towards Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.

Mail items to Zoo Atlanta (collector pays for shipping)

Cell Phone Recycling Program
Zoo Atlanta
800 Cherokee Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30315

Attach this flyer to your collection box (PDF)

Bring them to the Zoo!

Recycling containers are located in the Willie B. Conservation Center, at the Gorilla Exhibit.

*Please note that if you want to receive benefits from the Call4Gorillas program you must follow this process and send cell phones directly to Eco-cell- prepaid.

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What is the connection between cell phones and gorillas?
Cell phones and other electronics contain a number of hazardous substances that can have a serious impact on the environment. Donating your phone to the zoo and having it recycled by Eco-Cell will ensure that they will be reused or properly recycled.

Cell phones also have had a direct effect on wild populations of gorillas. A critical component of cell phones and other small electronics is a substance called coltan. One of the few places in the world where coltan is found is the forests of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo—right in the middle of gorilla habitat. As a result of mining for coltan, critical habitat has been destroyed and gorillas have been displaced or even killed by poachers. By recycling your phone with us, you will be helping to raise money that will go directly to help these populations of gorillas. First, donations to The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International will help further their work to protect gorillas. Second, the reuse of cell phones results in the need for fewer new ones, which in turn reduces the need for coltan mining.

Who gets the old phones?
Some of the phones collected by Eco-Cell will go to charities that need them for emergency 911 use. Others will be recycled because they are no longer usable. But the majority will be refurbished and resold to first-time, low-income users in areas outside the US.