Zoo Wish List

Make a direct impact on the quality of our animals’ lives with a purchase from the Zoo Wish List. What could be more rewarding than a gift that helps keep Zoo residents happy, healthy and comfortable?

Zoo Atlanta is home to some of the nation’s most creative zookeepers, and your support can bring their great ideas to life. Our keepers have created a list of practical items needed by animal care professionals, as well as toys and novel enrichment items that encourage our animals to play and engage in natural behaviors.

Scroll down to browse and shop – there’s an item for every budget! Items will change seasonally, so check back periodically to see what’s new. Visit often to see your generosity in action!

Wish List

Make a donation ($10-$100) to help offset the needs of our adorable baby orangutan, Pongo. Your contribution will be of tremendous assistance towards helping the Zoo provide Pongo with all he needs during his early development and help future generations of orangutans born at Zoo Atlanta! Items include:
  • Formula for Pongo until Fall 2014
  • Hay or wood wool bedding
  • Surveillance equipment to monitor introductions for future orangutan babies
  • Table-top scale for nursery for future orangutan babies

Plastic Plants
Plastic (not silk plants) help the birds have happy and secure nest sites! The bird team uses a lot of plastic plants around the Zoo to make visually secure hiding places for nesting birds and most of our current plastic plants look a bit…wilted.
Jumbo Hide Box
Reptiles and amphibians tend to be shy creatures. Providing them with easy to clean, re-usable hides gives them a nice safe refuge to get out of sight in while in off-exhibit holding areas. Multiple sizes allow us to provide just the right size to make a happy hiding herp!
Faux Rock Planters
We use faux rock planters to hide unsightly water bowls in some of the exhibits. Each planter is cut in half to make two “hides”. $50 buys two planters.

Standard Nibble Net (black, 4 inches deep)

Goats and sheep like to snack on hay day and night. This net encourages our friendly petting zoo ambassadors to work to pull the hay out, simulating natural grazing.

$52 select this item

Puzzle for Monitor Lizards
Is your dog smarter than a Rough-necked Monitor? Monitor Lizards are incredibly curious, inquisitive animals and enrichment is a MUST! Feeding puzzles like these help our monitors stay active and exercise their hunting skills.
Sphagnum Moss
Sphagnum moss is a wonderful substrate for many of our amphibians and reptiles. It holds humidity well and if our critters want to burrow in, it allows for that, too! 

Stall mats

We all appreciate our creature comforts. These mats make bedtime more comfortable for hoofed animals such as antelopes, sheep and goats, when they’re taking a breather in their indoor stalls.


$70 select this item


Professionals from the Primate Department routinely care for a large variety of animals, from troops of gorillas to families of tiny tamarins. Help keepers keep everyone fed and supplied with enrichment as they transport materials from building to building.

$80 select this item

17" Boomer Ball
This ball can be filled with treats and hung high to keep our giraffes busy and entertained. They will use their tongue to extract the treats.

$95 select this item

Primate Hammocks
$100 buys 3 hammocks for our gorillas and orangutans. They will love you for it!
Pressure Washer
We keep our indoor primate homes very clean- pressure washers help the keepers keep them sparkling!

Willow, Mulberry and Banana Trees

These plants are favorite treats for many Zoo residents, and ours are efficient eaters! These trees are great for browsing, and the animals consume all of the plants’ edible parts.

$150 select this item

Aquarium Pumps
Pumps make the aquatic world go ‘round…or at least keep it moving! Pumps help get water moving for our exhibits and aquatic animal holdings. 
Storage Unit
This storage unit will be used behind the scenes in our lemur holding area for enrichment and other small items.
Large Vertical Storage Shed
Our primates have a lot of enrichment- swings, tubs, toys – now we need a place to store them!

Ping Pearls

Problem solvers by nature, sun bears and orangutans are curious and intelligent. Challenging puzzles with food inside keep those mental wheels turning while keeping the snacks coming.

$302.50 select this item


Looking for an item that benefits almost all of the animals at Zoo Atlanta? We can’t say enough great things about mulch! Mulch provides a great substrate, doubles as an excellent enrichment material, and keeps animal habitats looking fresh.

$500 select this item

Aquarium Chillers
Chillers? For REPTILES and AMPHIBIANS?! Yes! While many of our ectothermic friends prefer warmer temperatures, many of them (especially amphibians) prefer their water nice and chiller. A chiller unit such as this will help keep our cold-natured cold-bloods comfy!
Giant Panda Enrichment Building
Zoo Atlanta offers a robust enrichment program, with every animal in the collection provided with enrichment on a daily basis. As a result, the Zoo is also the proud home of some of the zoological profession’s most creative and resourceful keepers. From discarded household products to fallen trees or car tires, nothing is ever overlooked. Not only do keepers think outside the box; they’ll also find a way to use the box!
However, our keepers are in desperate need for a larger storage building for our Giant Panda enrichment items. This new building will replace a smaller building which will be repurposed for another animal area in need. Can you help our growing Giant Panda family with a new enrichment building?
Warthog Crate
When our warthog piglets mature into young adults, they will head off to other zoos to start families of their own. We use crates, like the one pictured below, to quickly and safely move them from their holding building to their transport trailer. Appropriate warthog-friendly crates are approximately $3,000. This item would be greatly appreciated by our staff and our warthog family, and would help make the beginning of each piglet’s journey as safe as possible.

Can't Decide?
Make a tax-deductible donation to our Zoo Wish List, and we’ll select a gift on your behalf. Check out just a few examples:

  • $25 helps elephants chill out with tropical fruit ice pops
  • $50 buys a cat-proof bungee that helps the tiger cubs bounce around
  • $75 purchases an enrichment feeder for giraffes
  • $100 helps gorillas get artsy with painting supplies