Charles Horton
Manager of Animal Care and Facilities, Dewar Wildlife Trust Initiative

A member of Zoo staff since 1970, Charles has observed some of Zoo Atlanta’s most dramatic periods of growth and rebirth. Best known as the closest human companion of the legendary late Willie B., he has spent the majority of his career working with primates, with prior experience with hoofstock, felines, bears, sea lions and birds of prey. Charles served as the Zoo’s Curator of Primates until early 2012, when he transferred to his current role as Manager of Animal Care and Facilities at the Dewar Wildlife Trust, an AZA-certified facility in Morganton, Ga. Zoo Atlanta has entered into a partnership with the Dewar Wildlife Trust, which was designed to house gorillas, and over the coming months will continue to explore the variety of opportunities provided through this partnership.

Charles has a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Georgia State University.



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