New Arrivals

Wondering what’s new at Zoo Atlanta? Sometimes that’s a question of who’s new! Meet some of our recent Zoo babies and new arrivals. 
Kangaroo joey 
Estimated birth April 5-April 18, 2014 

Red kangaroos are born hairless, blind and roughly the size of a jellybean. After a gestation period of 30 to 40 days, the neonate instinctively crawls to its mother’s pouch and beings nursing. Over a period of several months, the newborn continues to develop until it is large enough to begin venturing from the pouch.
Chilean flamingos
Hatched on July 30, 2014
Flamingo chicks start out pure white, graduating to a fuzzy grey before ultimately sporting their parents’ gorgeous pink. These little guys will be hand-reared by our Bird Team for their first couple of months, but we hope to see them out with the adults later this fall. (Photo by Meghann Adams.)

Giant Otters

July 3, 2014

Brand-new to Zoo Atlanta this summer, giant otters are the largest of the otter species, with males growing to lengths of as much as 6.2 feet and weights of up to 70 pounds. Look for male Bakairi and female Yzma on exhibit during the first half of the day; their smaller cousins the Asian small-clawed otters may be on exhibit later in the afternoon.


April 17, 2014
Shirley’s pregnancy was confirmed via ultrasound in February 2014. Warthog gestation averages five to six months, with a typical litter size of three to five piglets. 
Eastern Bongo 

April 12, 2014
Matilda, a 5-year-old eastern bongo, gave birth to a male calf on April 12, 2014. The calf is the third offspring for Matilda and 6-year-old male Tambo.